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Surface Mount Technology

Surface Mount Technology

PCB Build Automation

Embedded Systems are self-contained control systems or computer systems designed for particular purpose with bare necessary peripherals needed to run it. In the contemporary world, billions of embedded system devices including telephones, automobiles, electronic appliances and other digital devices are working around us, round the clock.  It contains processor, memory, peripherals, and sensors etc.  The basic building blocks of embedded systems.

Our years of Embedded System Design experience has allowed us to develop a unique, and vastly skilled, approach to embedded systems.  Versatility and precision are two words that stand out when we explore embedded system design, as each term plays an important part in our development process.  We understand the importance of being versatile, while being precise.

SMT Machine

Production Display

PCB Process Flow

Our PCB Process flow contains several additional elements that allow us to provide excellent build quality and turn around times.  It begins with our stencils, ensuring each stencil contains the proper solder coating, thickness, and aperture.  This allows us to analyze and diagnose any potential issues, giving us a direct ability to maintain quality control in the event those rare anomalies occur.  Once our stencils are verified, we move to the SMT placement process, which runs on our Yamaha Z:LEX systems.  The Z:LEX SMT machines offer us great flexibility with expansion and versatility.  With it’s 90,000 CPH, it’s capable of fast throughput, in addition to being able to handle a wide range of board sizes.

Our automated assembly lines take our boards from our Yamaha Z:LEX machines and feed directly to our Heller Ovens.  This initiates a detailed board profiling.  Every board build is profiled with specific temperature times to allow proper soak times, and create peak heat and cool down times.  All boards then transition to our AOI inspection machines for an automated verification process.  We look for solder quality, solder joint quality, pad placement, and part markings, to ensure precise quality of our PCB Manufacturing process.

SMT Details

Automated Optical Inspection
Component Storage
Humidity Controlled Environment
Through-Pin Insertion
SMT On/Offline Programming
Solder Paste Inspection
Oven Chamber Technology

SMT Application Specs

Dual stage (only for X axis 2-beam specs.)
1 PCB conveyance : L810 x W490 to L50 x W50
2 PCB conveyance : L380 x W490 to L50 x W50
Single lane
L810 x W490 to L50 x W50
Dual lane (only for X axis 2-beam specs.)
L810 x W230 to L50 x W50


We’ve developed a seamless multi-leveled approach to ensure our PCB builds are accurate every step of our manufacturing process. Our goal is to ensure every PCB is delivered correct, on time, and to your satisfaction. Our approach to Quality begins with our SMT Line Verification Process. By utilizing our 4 step approach, we’re able to ensure our SMT manufacturing process is efficient and accurate.


With an ability to perform 90,000 CPH, our Yamaha Z:LEX systems maintain a very high throughput capability. Additionally, we have the versatility to change payloads to adapt to customer product demands. This allows us to meet, and exceed, our customer demands. Our versatility increases our capabilities and flexibility, which creates a high level, and high quality, product output.

Need PCB Enclosures/Mounting?

Whether your PCB needs require weather resistance or customized enclosures, KIB Electronics can help accommodate. With an injection molding facility and 3-D Printing capabilities on-site, we have the ability to prototype and manufacture customized mounting and enclosure solutions.  For cost-consideration, pre-built–or generic– enclosures/mounting solutions may be a better fit for your product, let us know and we’ll work with your team.

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