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We understand the crucial role that Soldering plays into PCB Electronics manufacturing.  Every single product brings with it a specific requirement, defining and manufacturing to that requirement is what sets us apart.  We require every PCB traveling through our PCB Department to meet an A+ rating from our Quality Assurance system in order to meet our standard requirements, and travel to the next build cycle.  We offer several methods of Solder Processes to meet these requirements, Hand Soldering, Selective Soldering, and Wave Soldering.

Soldering Equipment



Our KISS 105IL line is a fully configured configured In-Line Selective Soldering Machine designed to handle the board size and weight of backplanes and other oversized products.  These machines feature a “Super Fast” robotic motion to maximize production. The PCB is processed in a 1” (25mm) border frame which supports, locates and flattens the PCB and transports the PCB through the Cerno™ 105IL process.  The programmable features provide the tools to set all process parameters, including immersion depths, pre-heat dwells, travel distances and speeds, solder temperature and wave height. With the top side pre-heater class 3 solder joints can be achieved on PCB thickness up to 9mm.

  • Closed Loop Rotary Encoders

  • Fiducial Correction System

  • Heated Nitrogen to the Nozzle

  • KISS Board Warp Compensation

  • Programmable Camera

  • Solder Alloy Verification

  • Solder Level Check

  • Spray Fluxer



Considering most circuit board assemblies today are double-sided, selective soldering has taken over as the norm for soldering through-hole components. We employ Ace Technologies KISS Selective Soldering machines in our facility because they provide world class flexibility and consistency for soldering through-hole and surface mount technology (SMT) printed circuit boards.

  • Automatic height adjustment of the solder nozzles

  • Reduced consumption, innovative flux concept with flux quantity monitoring system

  • Energy efficient nitrogen tunnel

  • Flexible preheat configuration with convection modules, infrared modules and quartz modules

  • Pass through optimization with seperated conveyor segments and automated sectorial soldering processes

  • Continuous monitoring of all machine data and process parameters



When specific components require hand soldering, or the real-estate on a board gets extra tight, we deploy our hand soldering experts to make it happen.  With unparalleled skill and precision, our hand soldering team are experts at their craft.  Our staff is trained to IPC J-STD 001 Standards, meaning they’re qualified, skilled, and guaranteed to perform to spec.

Selective Solder Machine
Wave Soldering
Hand Soldering

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