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Plastic Engraving



We maintain a fleet of Vision 2550 Large Plastic CNC Routing / Engraving machines that are capable of producing accurate detailed parts, time and time again.  These machines give us the ability to produce our Monitor Panel and Convenience Center lines with the scale and flexibility our customers require.  With a 7″ Z axis stroke, these devices are capable of cutting 2×4 sheets of plastic, metal and more.  While we utilize our machines for our Monitor Panel and Convenience Center lines, but we’re always open to the conversation regarding high output runs.

Our Plastic Engraving department has become a central backbone to our Convenience Center and Monitor Panel lines. It’s created an ability to provide customized solutions for our customers, ranging from color variations, verbiage changes, logo enhancements, along with many other additional capabilities. The Vision 2550 Engraving machines has allowed us to improve our design aesthetics while maintaining our high production standards.

Plastic Engraving

Plastic Engraving / Milling / Routing

We’ve assembled a unique array of Plastic Engraving Machines to give us excellent coverage for our internal product development.  Each machine type offers a particular performance capability, together, these machines give us complete coverage into plastic engraving capabilities.  While we’re not a Plastic Engraving shop, it certainly is an area where we offer product capabilities within.  As always, if you have a project idea, let us know.

Gravograph IS400

  • IQ+ equipped SMART solution
  • Auto Plate Feeder system

Gravograph IS6000

  • Power: 4 spindle motor choices with 2 motorized axes
  • Designed for engraving, cutting and machining up to 610 x 1220 mm

Gravograph LS900

  • Large Format Laser engraving and cutting solution – up to 24″ x 24″
  • Highly reliable, minimal setup, make-ready times, and quick cut times

Vision 2550

  • ADA-compliant signage with vast capabilities
  • Cutting sheets of material up to 2′ x 4′

Attention to Detail

Our Engraving lineup allows us to control specific details that work together to blend aesthetically pleasing designs with rock solid electronics. That attention to detail is something that we pride ourselves on.


Plastic engraving has created a wide range of capabilities for our internal products. As an electronics manufacture, it’s opened up new capabilities and opportunities. If you have an project idea, reach out to us in the link below.

Need PCB Enclosures/Mounting?

Whether your PCB needs require weather resistance or customized enclosures, KIB Electronics can help accommodate. With an injection molding facility and 3-D Printing capabilities on-site, we have the ability to prototype and manufacture customized mounting and enclosure solutions.  For cost-consideration, pre-built–or generic– enclosures/mounting solutions may be a better fit for your product, let us know and we’ll work with your team.

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