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Conformal Coating

Conformal Coating

As electronics grow in nearly every segment of the world, they have a very high need to perform in a wide range of environments.  Many of our customers have products in these harsh environments, from factories to fields, to roads and even hazardous fire vehicle response situations.  We have to ensure our product holds up to the harshest environments at all times.  We offer Spray Coatings and  Selective Coatings to properly combat harmful materials.

We compliment our printed circuit board manufacturing with a wide array of manufacturing capabilities and services.  This allows us to offer our customers all their manufacturing requirements under one roof, creating a wide spectrum of manufacturing abilities.  Protecting PCB’s against Water, natural elements, and handling damage can be important depending on product application. On-site, KIB has machinery and manufacturing processes to accommodate Conformal coating, Potting, and customized ABS plastic enclosure design & molding all on site.  

Industry Implementations

Agriculture Machinery
Emergency Vehicle Controls
HVAC Controls
Marine Controls
Marine Wireless Charging
Military HMMWV Applications
POE Lighting Controls
POE Lighting Controls
Conformal Coating

PCB Potting

In addition to Conformal Coating, we offer PCB Potting as a method of offering coverage of the complete electronic assembly.  Potting allows us to remove the potential risk of shock, vibration, weather, moister or any corrosive agents, from deteriorating the printed circuit board.  While generally rely on conformal coating to maintain pcb integrity, some jobs require another level of protection.  We perform potting for many transportation, recreational vehicles, emergency vehicles and agricultural products.

Acrylic Resin

Acrylic conformal coatings are easily applied. They dry to the touch at room temperature in minutes, have desirable electrical and physical properties and are fungus resistant. They have long pot life and low or no exothermic during cure, which prevents damage to heat sensitive components. Also, they do not shrink. The main disadvantage is solvent sensitivity, but this also makes them easier to repair.


Polyurethane conformal coatings are available as single component, two components, UV curable, and water borne systems. As a group, all provide excellent humidity and chemical resistance plus outstanding dielectric properties for extended periods.

Silcone Type

Silicone conformal coatings are particularly useful for high temperature service, up to about 200° C. They provide high humidity and corrosion resistance along with good thermal endurance, making them desirable for PWA’s that contain high heat dissipating components such as power resistors. Silicone coatings are susceptible to abrasion (low cohesive strength) and have high coefficients of thermal expansion.


Electronic Coating Technologies applies encapsulation, and potting materials to insulate printed circuit boards using automated dispense systems, with variable rations and meter mix machines. Due to the complexity of of design and manufacturing processes, we apply the most suitable compound to fit the product needs.

Potting Process

Potting is a process of filling a complete electronic assembly with a solid or gelatinous compound for resistance to shock and vibration, and for exclusion of moisture and corrosive agents. Thermo-setting plastics or silicone rubber gels are often used. Many sites recommend using silicone or epoxy to protect from impact and loose wires.

Need PCB Enclosures/Mounting?

Whether your PCB needs require weather resistance or customized enclosures, KIB Electronics can help accommodate. With an injection molding facility and 3-D Printing capabilities on-site, we have the ability to prototype and manufacture customized mounting and enclosure solutions.  For cost-consideration, pre-built–or generic– enclosures/mounting solutions may be a better fit for your product, let us know and we’ll work with your team.

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