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2D Mechanical Layout



As a company that designs, integrates and manufactures electronic components has allowed us to utilize our vast 2D Mechanical Design experience.  Whether we’re designing products for the Recreational Vehicle market, Industrial Controls, the Marine Market, or into another market, we realize that our 2D Mechanical Design skills are going to be put to use.

Our project base ranges from box layouts, back planes, fixturing, and control panels. Utilizing standard practices, we’ve been able to create a design library to provide consistent performance for our customers. Approaching 1400 unique control panels, 400 unique switch plates and 50 unique audio/video plates designed in the last 5 years, we’re more than capable to handle standard and custom designs.  

We utilize 2D Mechanical Layout within many project design approaches.  It’s a design principal that lays the foundation of product build and appearance.  Our Monitor Panel, Convenience Center, and Switch Plate lines, are where we’ve got our 2D Mechanical Design roots planted.  We’re proud to have grown past those roots and are bringing out detailed 2D Mechanical Design to nearly every other product line and design project.

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