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Industrial Control



For 35 years, we’ve developed best-in-class industrial controls and system.  Our team of talented automation engineers are highly detailed and understanding of the technologies and specifications needed to solve your complex challenges.  We work with your desired specifications to develop hardware designs, or software designs, of industrial control systems that fit your use case.  We do typically utilizing PLC’s, HMIs, VFD’s and Servo Motion.

From PLC to MCC layouts, our design team resources have the expertise to design cost effective, robust systems, to solve your complex challenges. Consisting of Design Engineers, Programmers, Microcontroller Programmers, along with our high level engineering team, we’re able to deliver your project requirements on time, and as expected.  We’ve delivered successful projects to the Agricultural Market, Commercial Market, Manufacturing Industries, as well as the Recreational Vehicle market.

Interested in starting a project?

Whether it's a new project, completing a project, or a re-design, reach out and let's get it completed.