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Welcome to the new KIB Electronics

admin - September 4, 2018 - 0 comments

Site Development

Please excuse our mess.

We want to thank you for taking some time to visit our refreshed KIB Electronics website.  As a world class Electronics Designer and Manufacture, we realized our old site wasn’t being used to properly display our capabilities, services or product lines.  Additionally, we felt we need to do better job of offering support services to our customers and end users.  Over the next several months we’re going to continue increase our efforts to establish a better service and communication platform with our community of customers and end users.

The purpose of these efforts is to provide better support for our product lines.  We’re currently developing simple to follow support documentation, troubleshooting guides, and flow charts, to assist with product support.  We will continue to offer our world class customer support, but we want to supplement this with a platform that’s available 24/7.

Product Lines

Throughout the next several months we’ll begin bringing in our existing product lines.  This will include our standard monitor panel lines, our convenience center line, in addition to our sensors, and standard industrial control product lines.  While many of our product lines support the RV industry, we’re going to use this platform to display our capabilities in many other markets.  The lists below highlights some of the markets we develop and service for.

  • Agriculture Market

  • Ambulance Industry

  • Commercial Building

  • Fire Truck Industry

  • IoT Industries

  • People Movers

  • Transportation Industry

  • Recreational Vehicle Market

Service and Support

Our Service and Support site is going to go through a rigorous process to offer simple capabilities that greatly extend our support capabilities.  We realize that times have changed, and our support options much change to stay ahead of the competition.  Our plan is to establish an online support presence to establish a ‘Go-To’ support option for our customers, business and end users alike.  We feel that including basic install procedures and troubleshooting guides will empower our end users with any needed fixes around the clock.  Getting their devices back up and running at your convenience, whether our support team is in the building or not.

Our Support Team is excited about what’s in store for us in the future.  We’ve created a “Direct to Support – Phone Line” (574-218-7388), that will bypass our Receptionist Call Deck and go directly to our Support Team.  We’re building out a Ticketing System that will include Auto-Answer Bots to assist in finding an answer.  It’s a simple process, start typing in your question and the Bots will help determine the best solution based on our Knowledge-base articles as well as previously Successfully Closed Tickets.  Many of our B2B Customers have relied on emailing our Support Team directly, that method will continue to work without issue, but we’re including those Items into our Auto-Answers well.

Please be patient as these items will roll out over the next several months.  Our end goal is to have our Support Site full operational by the end of 2018, ready to kick off a successful 2019!  We’re going to build in process though, offering up the basics and massaging it into place during this time.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to use if you have questions related to this, as our #1 goal is to satisfy our customer needs.